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    Inaugurating Kaolin Exploiting Factory

    On the morning of 09/07/2009, in Hamlet 6 Minh Hung commune Chon Thanh district, KL Mineral Exploiting Processing Co., Ltd held Kaolin processing plant inauguration ceremony.

    On the ceremony, the ministries, central sectors have Mr. Ta Ngoc Tan, Member of PCC Party – Ther communist editor, Mr. Nguyen Quan – Vice Minister of Science and Technology; the provinces of Binh Phuoc Nguyen Tan Hung – Party Member of PCC, Secretary, Mr. Truong Tan Thieu – Chairman and representative from the Departments concerned ad the District Commissioner, Chon Thanh District People’s Committee.

    Under the project, KL Mineral Exploiting Processing Co.,Ltd  was PPC that allows mining on an area of 41 hectares with reserves of about 3750 thousand tons of kaolin with in 29 years term. In industry, kaolin is used on many fields, such as ceramics, refractories, abrasives, aluminum, paint, paper, rubber, white cement, etc,…

    This is the first Kaolin refining plant to be constructed in Binh Phuoc Province, all equipments of the plant are modern technology. The capacity is around 128.900 tons per year, the plant will supply refined kaolin needs to produce a variety of important industrial products during the process ot industrialization, modernization, contributing significantly to the restructuring economic, gradually raise the proportion of industrial and settlement jobs for local workers.

     Speaking at the ceremony, Chairman Truong Tan Thieu noted and appreciated the efforts of the company in the recent past, also required in the future, company need to expand investment processing products to increase, ensuring sustainable development and interest in environmental protection.

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