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      Keen and lean, we both win !  

    As one of the national key development projects, the exploitation and processing of kaolin is a rising industry in the country. Along with the development of the modern industry, the processed kaolin is in short supply and will be increasing in demand both in Vietnam and abroad.
    According to complexion that such products have been depending on the importation in a long time, the KL Mineral Exploiting Processing Co., Ltd makes full use of advantage of the resource, the foreign advanced and well-developed equipment and techniques from China, Danmark and Germany for deep processing to construct a 50.000 tons kaolin refining plant. Producing the high-purity, fine and active refining kaolin products is a key step to improve the grade and quality of the fine kaolin products in the country. Kaolin varies widely in quality; we use our exploration expertise and blend crudes from different deposits to achieve demand quality and to ensure a constant supply of kaolin made to consistent quality specifications for our customers.
    Our fine kaolin products can be widely used in the fine chemical industry, paper-making industry, clean water reagent industry, washing powder without phosphorus industry, petroleum activator industry, PVC industry, fiberglass without alkali industry have brought fine prospect to the development of the kaolin exploitation.
    We work diligently to improve the processing of our clays to ensure that we use all resources to their fullest potential for the benefit of our customers, the environment and associated communities.

    Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy
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    Nhà máy: Ấp 6, Xã Minh Hưng, Huyện Chơn Thành, Tỉnh Bình Phước

    Tel: 089 871 6960

    Email: phuc@kl-corp.com.vn

    Văn Phòng: 339 Nguyễn Thương Hiền, P.11, Q.10, TP.HCM

    Tel: 033 451 9955

    Email: kienquoc@kiendung.com.vn